January 12th 2013
Added a new edition of Frankenstein to the bibliography section.

June 23rd 2011
Apparently there is going to be another movie about Frankenstein. 20th Century Fox has issued a script based on the famous novel. Max Landis has been assigned to write this script. Further details are as yet unknown.
What do you think? Do we really nead another filmic interpretation of this novel?

June 7th 2011
Added links to Amazon.com. You can now buy books directly from my site!

November 16th 2010
It was about time for an update.... I repaired a lot of broken links and some other minor issues. Look out for more updates soon!

September 23rd 2007
Finally, I found some time to redesign this web site. The old design dated from 1999, so it was about time!

Although I carefully checked all the hyperlinks, it is possible that you will encounter some broken links. Please let me know through e-mail and I will fix it as soon as possible!

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